Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project One - Horde Shaman 1 - 80

Hey everyone
Welcome to my first project for this Blog, Project Shaman the plan is to level a Horde Tauren Shaman from level 1 - 80 I have never really levelled a Horde before I started my very first character when I got World of Warcraft 1 year ago as a Horde but I just loved the Dwarf Race so much.

So here we are the basic information about my shaman are as follow

Realm: Aerie Peak
Faction: Horde
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Name: Farcon

This project is on a new server so none of my other characters can help out, That means no Heirlooms, No gold, No boosting from friends this will be all my own effort.
As I level I plan to make a decent amount of gold enough to cover all the basic requirements to level quicker and some nice little expensive items such as Dual Talent Specialization, Expert flying riding & the flying mount required to use the skill.

Professions will be

First Aid

Addons I will be using are as follow

XPearl Unit Frames
Ice Hud

I also plan to develop and maintain my own guild on this server for social and levelling purposes.
and this can also be a good way to inspire me to develop a good means of gold making to support the guild.

Well that's everything for now, I am off to start my new life as Farcon The Tauren Shaman :)
Wish me Luck


The Beginning of Call For Adventure!

Hello and welcome to my Blog Call For Adventure I would like to take the time to thank all the people who have taken their own time to read this Blog and leave comments.
I decided to make this Blog as I have seen many others and have decided I would enjoy writing down about my World Of Warcraft Career and share my experiences with you all.

Anyhow right to the point, if you look to your right you will see Chaoshogo my first and currently only level 80 character I have he is a Dwarf Paladin and I love him as its been a long road to 80 with him starting alts of all different classes and races I finally found the paladin and I fell in love with the class the seals and judgements are what made the class for me I can have seals dependant on situation and the same with the judgements if I'm low on HP I just pop a judgement its great fun.

This is the most current Achievement I am proud of Glory Of The Hero

Glory Of The Hero

He's currently Pugging ICC on the server Draenor running 10 and 25 man whenever possible and getting gear for his main DPS spec Retribution I also have dual talent and his second talent set is tanking the gear is far behind his DPS but I enjoy running Heroics with him and my guild Dark Warriors of Draenor.

I don't really spend a huge amount of time on Chaos now because I have maxed his professions Engineering & Mining to 450 and am now levelling my new Alt Feyder the Elemental Shaman but more on her later.
I mostly spend the time on Chaoshogo doing the Daily Heroic the 10 and 25 Raids when they are unlocked and the Argent tournament dailies these net me some gold to buy new gems and enchants I require for raiding.

Current Playtime is approx 31 Days I created him last December and hit 80 in March, well thats all for tonight More updates of my Alt Adventures follow tomorrow.