Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sand Drake Desire :D

As the title says I really want this sand drake now that it doesn't require alchemy Its very expensive but I wouldn't mind paying for it because it looks fantastic and it can carry two people how awesome is that? I can turn into a drake and carry someone can't get any better than that :)

So the vendor mats I have heard are around 30,000g this doesn't seem to bad but its finding someone with the schematic who will kindly make it for me :)
well I will keep updating this with info as I get closer to getting it.

PS: I will make a write up soon about my 80 - 85 Levelling Experience and what I plan to do next :)



Monday, December 13, 2010

Good afternoon everyone one, I hope all is well is the World of Warcraft.
I hope everyone is enjoying their copy of Cataclysm and has been spending their time in the new zones or on a new Alt.

Some news I wanted to bring this week was that I will be after Christmas trying to do some video tutorials on Youtube things such as starting area tutorials the first 5 levels and the basics for people just coming to the game.

I want to do a video for each of the 10 Starting zones each faction and each individual race just to get a basic start of a video section for people to browse. Following this I want to video my adventures around Azeroth and I level my Death Knight through 80 - 85 in the new Cataclysm zones. It will be a new experience for me as I will be choosing the zones I have yet to play on my paladin.

The link is here Youtube Channel there is nothing here at the moment I am just messing around with the look and the information there I hope to get some more readers and viewers in the new year and make this a regular update each week and a new video each week hopefully all dependant on real life time.

Thanks for reading check back for a new update soon on my World of warcraft adventure.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Blog post 2 - Change of faction
Welcome back to another adventure with me hogo, I have been thinking the past couple of days that draenor is ruled by the horde and I have never really had a horde character so the troll kazajin in my previous post is going to be my new horde  hopefully get him to level 80.

If enjoy it I think I might pay for a faction change to horde obviously I would have two choices paladin Tauren or Bloodelf I can't yet decide but I still have a while to decide.  I would also move over 20,000g and level the remaining gold on my alliance I think it depends I'm tempted to keep my troll gold helping free and just remaking my fortune on him starting a new with just herbalism and skinning/mining. Enjoy the rest of your weekend evening and I hope everyone will be buying Cataclysm on Tuesday.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Good afternoon/evening (its dark but not passed 6 it feels weird) everyone I hope the weekend is treating you all well, I know it has been for me. So few days it's been since patch 4.0.3a and I can't stop rolling new characters to see the zones and get a feel over the game again.

This has been fantastic blizzard have outdone themselves and have brought back the feeling that I had when I first picked up this game in 2008.

Trolls - Starting Zone - troll name - kazajin This place wow just wow it's crazy fun and brings all the elements that blizzard said it was adding for quests you no longer only slay mobs and collect items you now are affecting the advancement of your home fighting off invaders and catching running raptors.

This was truly a great design by blizzard and I have now done the troll starting area on two realms just because I enjoyed it so much it also seems to incorporate your class choice because as a Druid you have to use your healing wave to help injured trolls.