Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its Almost Been An Entire Week

Hey everyone and welcome back to another update on call for adventure.
this week in the World Of Warcraft I have been quite busy recently with little things and I hope they have all added up and made me some gold and reputation I have been aiming for so lets get started.

This week I have been doing things on multiple characters and I have been doing some expensive tasks on Chaoshogo & Iamhogo and have been doing some levelling on both Iamhogo and Feyder here's a list of the main things I have done.

  • Levelled Blacksmithing on Iamhogo 440
  • Levelled Mining on Iamhogo 427
  • Dropped Mining on Chaoshogo
  • Picked up Jewl Crafting on Chaoshogo 450
  • Feyder (Shaman) has had some levelling
  • Iamhogo has also had some levelling attention
  • Soulshaper Disenchanting

This week with Chaoshogo has been busy because I have dropped mining as of last night and I picked up Jewl Crafting I stayed up late last night levelling this profession I finished for the evening going from 1 - 300, I
re-logged this morning and finished off the levelling from 300 - 450
This cost me a good chunk of my gold stash which wasn't very high due to a few factors that have caused me to spend great amount, I would say I spent around 3000g Levelling JC because I had a lot of the gems stashed in my in my bank for this exact reason.

So I accepted the two JC quests I could one was to hand in a Gem and that got me one JC token and the other was to kill a scourge pick up an item and combine it with two other gems, I now have two tokens but recipes cost 4 each so another two days to go.
The reason for levelling JC now was one because I have a feeling people will be power levelling this and the materials will be massively expensive so I feel I have an advantage here and the second reason is because I feel it it will be useful when I hit 85 and when I can max it out and use extra strength gems.

I have decided to start saving my frost emblems and triumph emblems for the justice point transition and I have been hoping to get the dam Brewfest Ram or Brewfest Kodo unfortunately I have yet to get one and I don't think I will get it this year.
The Final thing for Chaoshogo this week is I joined a new guild Draenor Knights there a night bunch of people and I have done some ICC pugging with a few of them it worked out well and I hope to raid with them more often on a regular basis.

So I get Mining up to level 427 and its slow picking up nodes without 280% flying but I can't yet justify a 5000G investment, I have been levelling Iamhogo recently some more I am now level 74 and will be spending some more time levelling him hopefully level 80 before Cataclysm hits the shelves.
With blacksmithing now level 440 I need to get some people who want Titensteel pieces I'm not sure because these pieces cost a  lot to make and are not selling well due to the fact they will be replaced in Cataclysm.

I am currently having a really bad time with bad space on this guy even though he has 3 guild tabs, a bank full of frostweave bag slots and full bags I still don't have enough space for all the greens I have created for Blacksmithing and JC this also includes all the greens I get from levelling Feyder Iamhogo and Heroics with Chaoshogo.

I have friends with enchanting but I don't want to waste there time with hundreds of greens that need disenchanting and I feel vendoring them will be a waste of materials I can post on the Auction house.
I need to level Soulshaper to level 20 so I can get enchanting from 150 - 225 and I can cut down some of them low greens I have in my banks, If I can just get to level 15 I can easily get to 20 through the dungeon finder

Auction House
This week with the auction house I tried to sell some vendor pets from outland and they took ages to sell and I don't really feel that this is a worth while trip to get new pets to sell when they take so long to sell.

Since I levelled JC and Blacksmithing I have tried throwing on every possible item to see what sells well and things are just selling stupidly slow and its frustrating when you have invested heavily and the things you made to level feel worthless.

Well thats all for day, I will be sure to keep the updates coming and sorry about the 6 day no posts I will rectify this.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Week In The World Of Warcraft

Welcome back to another update on Chaoshogo's Call For Adventure.
First things first, Sorry for the lack of updates I come down with a bit of the Flu recently which I had to miss college and I needed more sleep than usual thus I didn't get to play a huge amount for Thursday and Friday day and evening.

Now that's out the way, This Week in the World of Warcraft:

Since the reset I decided that I wanted to get some emblems saved up because of the recent announcement for the new currency changes that will be coming for the release of Cataclysm here is the source of the information WoW EU Source so because of this I have this week been doing my Daily Heroic every day I have also been participating in The weekly Raid and ICC 10 as of this moment (ICC25 I have still not done this week).

A New Guild, A New Start

As of Friday evening I had left the guild I had been in for around 9 months I decided I want to be in a guild that had started raiding and lucky I found Knights of Draenor a Social & levelling guild that has just started progression in ICC10 and they are working to create a 25 man team, I was warmly welcomed and have a feeling this will be my new home and will enjoy levelling the Guild system with my new friends.

I started yesterday a feat which I hope wont take up a lot of my time and this is to get exalted with the
Cenarion Circle & the Cenarion Experdition this is because I want the title The Guardian Of Cenarius this shouldn't take to much time and the other two factions I am working to gain reputation with is the Kalu'ak because of the EPIC Fishing pole it provides and the Ashen Verdict for the Exalted ring I can get.

Levelling this week has been a little slow Iamhogo my Death Knight how now reached level 73 but I have been spending time and money levelling his Blacksmithing which is now 400 Skill points so I am happy that its advancing quickly.
I put a an hour or so into my shaman as she is now almost level 41 I Purchased Dual Spec and am now a restoration Spec with Enhance spec, up until this point I have been levelling in Elemental and I found it a little dull so I will try some more healing and try a new enhancement spec.

As of now I don't have any screen shots but I will grab some tonight and post them up later this evening.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have fun.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog check back soon for more updates

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love The Kurenai

Good evening readers I hope everyone is okay and welcome back to another update on Call for Adventure
today I will be covering the following in my update here's a quick summary for today's post.

  • Exalted with the Kurenai
  • Mountain O Mounts Update 68/100
  • Iceblade Arrow Sales
  • Farcon's Inscription
  • Iamhogo's Levelling Adventure
So lets begin


As this is my main character I have a urge to get a lot of achievements on him and it just gives me something to aim for one of the achievments I have been working on for a long time now and it seems it is going to take a hell of a lot longer still is the Mountain o Mounts one of my main goals for this is to get the 8 mounts from the Kurenai the Outland Nagrand faction it requires exalted so it took some hours of work because the only way to get past honoured was to kill hundreds of ogres and collect Obsidian Warbeads 10 to hand in gives 500 reputation and today I finally completed this achievement Oh My, Kurenai this was a happy day and now I have 8 shiny new mounts.

Another thing I have been doing recently is selling Iceblade Arrow this is because they are easy to make cheap mats and they sell for a decent profit to provide me some income, I have been using this income to level my Death Knight and his Blacksmithing that is currently level 200 plan to have it 450 soon and then I will be levelling JewlCrafting on this guy Chaoshogo.


With my Death Knight & Soulshaper I have reorganised by Guild banks Like I said in my previous update this was to make it easier for me to find and store the items and it was also based on the professions they were levelling.


Not much going on with Farcon Recently, I joined a nice guild everyone seems friendly so its going well.
I have 40G but now I have reduced that to 12 because I was buying Herbs to level my inscription the image for inscription follows.

Well thats all for today post, I hope to make another tomorrow and keep coming back for more updates on call for adventure :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1 Raptor, 2 Raptor, 3 Raptor - 4!

Good afternoon everyone its been interesting since my Thursday update for a few reasons why they are because of the following.

Yesterday evening we decided to run a Guild run of Zul' Gurub we also brought along a new Guild member he had only been in the Guild for 5 hours back to running Zul' Gurub this is because we want to get the mounts that drop from the two bosses inside this raid instance, I also enjoy doing this for the reputation I gain and hopefully will have exalted for Cataclysm when it gets removed.
We got to the boss that drops the first mount Swift Razzashi Raptor we downed him no problems at all and cleared all the trash for some extra Reputation with Zalander Tribe, We went to grab the loot for sale to vendors and such and to our amusement the Swift Razzashi Raptor was sitting there at the top of the loot list.

Naturally we all immediately hit the /roll and the newest member of our guild won the Raptor I was really frustrated as its a 0.9% drop but fare is fare I guess he decided he didnt want it to he gave it to our guild leader, this was an exciting trip and unfortunatly we didn't get the Swift Zulian Tiger so it was unfortunate run but hey at least I have now seen the Raptor drop and hopefully it will be my turn soon.
As I Hearthstoned back to Dalaran I watched trade chat and found that someone was buying the Zul' Gurub Coins for 1 gold each and the blue's for 5g I had enough for 34g so I made some gold during that run.

As of today I have traded ownership of my Guild bank to Iamhogo because he is a high level I know I will be keeping him and I wanted to clear the level 1 alt from my character screen, I am going to organise what bank has what materials in and because I have two guild banks with three bank tabs each I have split things over two characters and will be using Iamhogo's guild bank to hold the following:

Saronite Ore - Saronite Bar
Cobalt Ore - Cobalt Bar
Adamantite Ore - Adamantite Bar
Fel Iron Ore - Fel Iron Bar

Gems (of all standard)
Frozen Orbs
Crusader Orbs

Recipes - Plans - Patterns

These are the main ores that I have recently been stacking and keeping stockpiles of because I was levelling this Death Knight and he has mining so naturally he picked up a ton of ores and I smelted them for levelling purposes.

This is a new character I am brining to the Blog and this is my level 10 Warlock he has Weapon, Shoulder & Chest heirlooms and he also has Tailoring and Enchanting.
He is the owner of my second new Guild bank and his guild bank will be containing the following materials and mats

Cloths - Netherweave, Frostweave, Mageweave, Silk Cloth
Leather - Light, Medium, Heavy, Rough, Knothide and the rest
Enchanting - All the enchanting mats I hold for later sale or from disenchanted items

I feel that setting my bank up this way will provide me with a new way store Items I need and should hopefully make life easier in the long run :)

Thanks for reading more soon


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday's Update

Hello and welcome back to another update from Call for Adventure since my Tuesday update not a huge amount has happened but there have been some very interesting things going on.

So lets get down to business the first thing I want to mention is as of Wednesday I have started my second year of college so I have less time to play World of Warcraft but I will still make regular updates if not everyday every  other day there will be a new update.

Chaoshogo's Adventure
Chaoshogo's Armory
Operation: Gnomeregan has started this week as of Thursday after the weekly reset I decided when I first logged on last night this was the first thing that I wanted to do, I got the portal from Dalaran to Iron Forge and went to Tinker Town to grab the quest King Of Gnomes I had to go gather 5 gnomes that would help me start the assault, Following this I travelled to Dun Morogh and started the quest chain some of the quests are pretty weird like typing in commands like dance and salute but after this bit was done I went a lined up over at Gnomeregan and waited 5 Minutes for the battle to begin.

Overall I enjoyed this small bit of new content but I wish there was some more to do because it felt like it ended to quickly but overall it was good fun and I can't wait for Cataclysm to take Gnomeregan back for good.

Iamhogo's Adventure
Iamhogo's Armory
The adventure has been continuing with levelling and making some gold so that when I reach Notherend I can afford Tome of Cold Weather Flying and I remember levelling my paladin through Notherend it was horrible slow and now I will have 20+ Exp and flying at level 70 rather than level 77 which is going to be a huge improvement and make Borean Tundra a bit more enjoyable.

Currently levelling in Blade's Edge Mountains its actually quite a nice place to level and I hit level 69 as of this morning, I am now 2 bars into 69 and plan to hit 70 by the end of this evening.
hopefully then I can decide on what professions to get I have been considering dropping Mining from my Main Chaoshogo and Replacing this with Jewlcrafting the Mining that Iamhogo currently has will become my Ore Miner and Will remove skinning and I am thinking of giving him Blacksmithing this means by Cataclysm I will have Engineering, Blacksmithing, Jewlcrafting & Mining all at 450 points ready to get to the new profession skill cap.

That's all for today let me know what you think of Operation: Gnomeregan in the comments section below.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday's Update

Hey everyone welcome back and thanks for reading another update on Call For Adventure.

Since Sunday a few things have happened on two of my characters my main Chaoshogo & my Death Knight Iamhogo I have recently started levelling my Death Knight again he was stuck on my character list at level 64 with the following

First Aid

Human Death Knight

I have now managed to get him to 3 bars from level 68 I had left my Death Knight in Honor Hold for weeks and I decided to take a look at him and I thought hell he's one level from being able to Grand Master two professions lets level him to 65 well I decided if I am going to level this guy I already had the following two heirlooms Strengthened Stockade PauldronsPolished Breastplate of Valor I decided that Chaoshogo had been doing daily heroics and weekly raids and gotten some Emblems of Triumph so I had some spare and purchased the following to aid the levelling of my Death Knight Bloodied Arcanite Reaper.

So I started levelling and asked a guild member who already has a level 80 Death Knight I asked him what his solo mob rotation was and I started using it I really enjoy it and it fits in pretty well with rune timers the following is the rotation Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Death Strike > Heart Strike to fill in the odd gaps during repeating this I cast Pestilence and Death Coil this had proved to be a fantastic rotation and if I can remember to keep Horn of Winter up it doesn't take much more than one rotation to kill a mob roughly my level.

So that's the main part of what has been going on with my Death Knight I continued to quest throughout last night and Today one thing I am happy with is the fact that I brought a Bone Gryphon and I enjoy flying around on this mount. Was doing a quest earlier to slay Void Walkers in Nagrand and I managed to by accident kill a rare mob and get the achievement Bloody Rare the mob I killed was VoidHunter Yar.

Dwarf Paladin

I have been wanting to get the following achievement this I begun playing World of Warcraft back in 2009 and this is the Champion Of The Frozen Wastes and the last part I had to do was Sartharion The Onyx Guardian this was pretty easy with the group I put together and we got the Nightfall title because we let the other three drakes live while killing Sartharion.

So to conclude this I got the Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title & the Of the Nightfall title
Sorry for no screen shots this week Im not able to access world of warcraft from this computer
Hope you liked the read


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday's Roundup

Hey everyone time for an update been a few days since my last update so lets get down to business.

The Life Of Chaoshogo:
So this week with Chaoshogo I have decided to drop the raiding so no ICC or VoA because Iv'e been thinking soon when Cataclysm is released all the gear will be replaced with gear from quests the only reason I will keep doing daily Heroic & weekly Raid is because it offers some money and it doesn't take very long, all the Emblems of  Frost will be converted into Heroism Points in Cataclysm so I guess its got to be worth something if there for any type of gear like Emblem of Triumph currently are.

Besides the emblems I have been doing Yellow & Blue quests with The Kalu'ak I really want the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole to improve my fishing and to help get fishing to 450 Grand Master still got  few quests left hopefully it will get me pretty high up I'm currently 6k into Revered.

I am also currently working towards the Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? around 340 at the moment trying to get some more achievement's I really want the explorer title but I can't find the time to do it.

The Levelling Of Farcon:
Not much levelling going on really I'm currently level 12 and I am sitting in Thunder Bluff at the auction house and racking up some rested experience while levelling to 12 I found some PeachbloomSilverleaf & Earthroot
I sold some of these on the Auction house made some nice money I currently have the following.

As you can see I now have 25G 66S 21C and along the lines I also purchased the following
Inscription & Virtuoso Inking Set I also got a Guild Charter this put me back by around 18s I milled some Earthroot and got some Alabaster Pigment which have been selling for about 1g 30s each so as you can see its not very hard to make some easy money this early in the game, I have spent about 20 minutes in total on the Auction House on this Character.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Project One - Horde Shaman 1 - 80 (Alteration)

Hey everyone I have had a good think about this decision and have decided that after spending some time on Aerie Peak I have realised that

  •  Levelling without heirlooms is slow and horrible
  • The AH doesn't seem to be that active in my opinion
  • Horde are like 1/4 of the population thus I dislike it Winter Grasp will be a pain
Now that's all my complaints I have decided that I will create Farcon Tauren Shaman on Draenor the same server my main Chaoshogo is stationed.

The few alterations I will make are listed below

Name: Farcon
Server: Draenor
Faction: Horde
Race: Tauren
Talents: at level 10 I will be going enhance shaman as this is more melee oriented and I enjoy melee combat.

Current Progress:

Level 2
I just hit level 2 and I am only halfway through the first quest I really do love heirlooms they make things faster and more fun

I will not be providing any Copper, Silver or Gold to this character the only difference is now that he has heirlooms and it on a higher population server.
I hope this doesn't effect anyone in a bad way it just makes life easier and more interesting for me to enjoy

Thanks hogo

Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Reset New Week New Gear

So its that time again its past reset and as of now I have managed to do the weekly quest to slay Malygos This is probably the worst weekly for me its just not fun for me really but either way the group wiped,
Second try we completed it and I was off to Dalaran to hand in the quest and get my 5 Emblems of
Frost & Triumph This is a great addition and now I have 86 Frosts for some new gear by the time I've finished my weekly ICC 10 run.

 I'm thinking of getting a new head for so I'm 1 piece closer to the 4 set bonus hopefully in the 25 man ICC run I will get a token drop and be able to upgrade some of my armour.

I spent some time today reading Markco's JustMyTwoCopper blog as he has had a new carnival this month and its based on trying to turn 1000G into 2000G its a great read and I feel its going to help me start doubling my profit after my investments.

last but not least for this post, Finally after a 2 Month break one of our most active members of Dark Warriors Of Draenor Maeldrakon has returned and its great to have him back.
As he was back we decided to do our daily Heroic together and lucky for him the first Heroic of the day was Halls Of Reflections that's a horrible Heroic and he was tanking it for the first time in two months we wiped once and on the 2nd attempt cleared it with ease.

Well that's all for now will be posting some more in a few hours about my Tauren Shaman project.

Chaoshogo's Armory Link

Thanks Hogo

Random Screen shot of the day!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Project One - Horde Shaman Levels 1 - 10

Hey everyone as of last night my adventure begun the Draenor server was and still is down for 24hr maintenance for the upcoming expansion cataclysm so I logged onto Farcon and decided now was the time to start the levelling process. 
I have now reached level 10 and It was a tough road believe it for not its really different levelling an Alt without using the heirlooms I am so used to using the lack of Mana and Stats is quite noticeable after a while.
I started questing doing all the quests available in Mulgore the first few levels flew by but when I hit level five the levelling times started to increase quite a lot after killing some mobs for a quest I was really low on bag space due to saving all the vendor trash because I have no other way of making an income at that time so lucky a new 6 slot bag dropped and I was able to get some more vendor trash and make a few more copper.

Considering I have never levelled a Horde before the Tauren starting area and the area's that follow have some quests that take a long time because drop rates on certain mobs seem low so it took me a good hour to complete some quests that after a while become very boring but I finally completed them and have now moved on, I have just accepted my Shaman quest Call of Fire but rather than going and doing that right away I have moved on to ThunderBluff to try and get a few gold by using the auction house I did have some Wolf Meat but I have used this to level my Cooking and some Linen Cloth to level my First aid they are currently at the following skill levels

Cooking: 22
FirstAid: 29
Inscription: 0
Herbalism: 0

I have just this moment picked up my two primary professions and hope to have some levels on them shortly once I acquire some more silver / gold from the Auction House.
So far though I have managed to scrape enough Copper & Silver together to pay for all of my skills and I got my first Talent point today as I hit 10 I have put this into Enhancing Totems as this will aid my when soloing all these wolfs that roam Mulgore.

To sum everything up this is what I have:

Copper / Silver : 3S 3C
Items On the Auction House: Formula: Minor Wizzard Oil
Linen Bandage X2

Hopefully these will net my enough gold to flip some items and then have enough to open my own guild and guild bank.
Thanks for reading more updates will follow soon as I progress through the levels and the Aerie Peak Market.