Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Friday, October 15, 2010

Patch 4.0.1 WHAO!

Hey everyone been a while I know have been very busy recently preparing for Cataclysm and the 4.0.1 Patch that was released on Tuesday for the server restarts.
I must say I made some mistakes with what was stockpiled people were sure the Alchemist transmute on Epic gems was being removed so we stocked up on eternals and Rare gems for the transmutes or to sell to people who needed these as mats.

This didn't happen but it wasn't a lost cause as I have managed to shift all the RARE gems for more than they are normally worth on Draenor so I made some money back and sold the eternals for a decent turn over as well but I had quite a lot of eternals and I still had a ton of Titanium from transmutes so I decided to turn it into Titansteel bars and they are selling really well making me a nice profit for a tiny amount of time spent crafting them.

once again before the patch was out I read on that Eternal belts could increase in price due to the fact that eternals would be used for other means so I made some of these an although they didn't go far up in price I have managed to sell a good 35 - 45 of them since Tuesday so that's even more profit.
I am not sure how much I have currently made I have it all in my mailbox still I will collect it on Sunday evening I think unless I need it before.

Patch 4.0.1
so here we are patch 4.0.1 almost at Cataclysm and the changes are starting to sink in here is a small list of the changes off the top of my head:

  • You can now purchase 310% flight from the flying trainer for 5000g
  • New Class changes Focus For hunters, Holy Power for Paladins and all classes have new talent trees
  • Glyphs are a one time buy now if you buy it you know it forever

Okay that's three changes and they are all really good I am enjoying my new Paladin's talents and they way the holy power system works its great to have some change.
I have spent some time last night doing Fayder's talents and she now has her Restoration and Enchance tree's filled in, Iamhogo has yet to be Talented but I will be going for the Blood Tanking choice and I am still levelling him.

Current Levels of Characters are as follow:

Iamhogo level 75 and a half
Fayder level 54 (Should soon be at outland)

Well that's all for today hope everyone is having fun In the world of warcraft and come back soon for some more updates.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Gems, Eternals & Saronite Ore

Hey everyone hope the week is treating you all well because this week has been pretty good so far,
Logged on the Auction House the other day I think Wednesday and to my surprise found a good 3000 Ores (Not Stacks) of Saronite Ore for 13g 50s each this was a great time to buy some out so I did 3000 ores sitting in my mailbox, I pulled them all out and sent them most of them to my Smelter IamHogo.

Smelted 1500 Bars while I was playing some Halo Reach and AFK crafting is a great idea for when you don't want to waste some time.
I turned some of these into Eternal Belt Buckles and moved some stacks of bars to Chaoshogo to sell them on the Auction House.

Converted a few to Titanium bars but they are taking a while to sell and prospected a few for some gems to sell and use in my JC Daily.

Thats all for now more soon :)


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Brewfest Mount

Quick Update as I said I would keep doing them:

Finally I have gotten my very own Brewfest mount, I got the Brewfest ram yesterday afternoon and I wish it was the Kodo but Hell its better than nothing, I am enjoying the ride on him and he looks great.

I keep watching as Saronite ore prices fall to below 13G a stack so I am still trying to make some profit on these but everything seems to be reducing in price, We will see :)


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Saronite Crazy

Hey all a quick update here I feel this could be something I do more often but hey we will see how it goes, Just found 400 + Saronite ores on the AH for 10g and 50s each that's a massive reduction when the price is normally 16g a stack.

I purchased the lot and I will now be converting some to bars to get my friend to transmute into Titanium bars and I will also be Prospecting quite a lot hoping for some Scarlet Ruby's as they sell for 40G alone without a cut on my server.
Hopefully I can make some more cuts and make some nice profit today.


Saturday, October 02, 2010

This Week In The World Of Warcraft

Welcome back to Call for Adventure and another weekly update on how my characters are progressing through the game. As usual I have been doing the casual levelling and selling but here is a small list of the things I have done this week.

  • Daily & Weekly Quests Including JC Quests and Fishing Quests
  • Kalu'ak Reputation I have now reached exalted and purchased the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole
  • Fishing Skill on Chaoshogo has now reached Grand Master Fishing
  • 25 Man The Obsidian Sanctum and got the Twilight Vanquisher Title
  • Brewfest Holiday, I have gotten the BrewMaster title
  • Brewfest Holiday dungeon on a daily basis
  • I made back a lot of the money I spent levelling Jewl Crafting and Black Smithing

These listed above are some of the many things I have been doing this week I have had less time this week due to the fact I purchased Halo Reach and have been spending some time with my Real Life friends on there.

so you may notice that almost everything in that quest requires my level 80 Chaoshogo to complete them so excluding them tasks I have also been levelling Feyder my Shaman now that I have dual spec I chose to go Enhance and Restoration spec and since level 40, I have only levelled in dungeons as a healer while I try and find some enhancement gear and now I have a nice little set for each so I will start queuing for both dps and healing now while questing over at Kalimdor as I have not really seen a lot of the content in that area.

Currently I only have Dungeon quests but after turning them in I should level up to 48.
Finally with Feyder I have decided at level 65 I will be dropping skinning and picking up enchanting to help clean out the silly amount of Green items I have stashed on SoulShaper

With my Death Knight Iamhogo I started queuing for a dungeon with one of my in-game friends but the queues were stupidly long for level 70 - 80 dungeons a good 40 minutes for a dungeon and its not very efficient so I changed my specification to Frost Tank spec and started tanking as an AoE Death Knight, I must say this is one of the easiest ways to tank in this game in my opinion I hope with Death and Decay, Blood boil and or Howling Wind and aggro isn't a problem, the draw back of Death Knight tanking is I take huge damage compared to other tanks and healers dislike this I actually got told to leave a dungeon after the first pull because the healer said he couldn't be bothered to do myself and the entire group told him to GTFO and actually do some work, needless to say he stayed and we wiped once.

Either way I have now reached level 75 and halfway to 76 when I hit 76 I will start questing in Sholazar Basin and then from 78 till 80 I will be levelling in Storm Peaks I love the quest chains there so I can't wait.

this is the bulk of what happened in my week and I have decided to do weekly updates on my progress and add posts whenever possible but they will containing Cataclysm information and what I am doing to prepare or what I am looking forward to.

Thanks for reading and see you on WoW