Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday's Roundup

Hey everyone time for an update been a few days since my last update so lets get down to business.

The Life Of Chaoshogo:
So this week with Chaoshogo I have decided to drop the raiding so no ICC or VoA because Iv'e been thinking soon when Cataclysm is released all the gear will be replaced with gear from quests the only reason I will keep doing daily Heroic & weekly Raid is because it offers some money and it doesn't take very long, all the Emblems of  Frost will be converted into Heroism Points in Cataclysm so I guess its got to be worth something if there for any type of gear like Emblem of Triumph currently are.

Besides the emblems I have been doing Yellow & Blue quests with The Kalu'ak I really want the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole to improve my fishing and to help get fishing to 450 Grand Master still got  few quests left hopefully it will get me pretty high up I'm currently 6k into Revered.

I am also currently working towards the Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? around 340 at the moment trying to get some more achievement's I really want the explorer title but I can't find the time to do it.

The Levelling Of Farcon:
Not much levelling going on really I'm currently level 12 and I am sitting in Thunder Bluff at the auction house and racking up some rested experience while levelling to 12 I found some PeachbloomSilverleaf & Earthroot
I sold some of these on the Auction house made some nice money I currently have the following.

As you can see I now have 25G 66S 21C and along the lines I also purchased the following
Inscription & Virtuoso Inking Set I also got a Guild Charter this put me back by around 18s I milled some Earthroot and got some Alabaster Pigment which have been selling for about 1g 30s each so as you can see its not very hard to make some easy money this early in the game, I have spent about 20 minutes in total on the Auction House on this Character.

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