Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday's Update

Hey everyone welcome back and thanks for reading another update on Call For Adventure.

Since Sunday a few things have happened on two of my characters my main Chaoshogo & my Death Knight Iamhogo I have recently started levelling my Death Knight again he was stuck on my character list at level 64 with the following

First Aid

Human Death Knight

I have now managed to get him to 3 bars from level 68 I had left my Death Knight in Honor Hold for weeks and I decided to take a look at him and I thought hell he's one level from being able to Grand Master two professions lets level him to 65 well I decided if I am going to level this guy I already had the following two heirlooms Strengthened Stockade PauldronsPolished Breastplate of Valor I decided that Chaoshogo had been doing daily heroics and weekly raids and gotten some Emblems of Triumph so I had some spare and purchased the following to aid the levelling of my Death Knight Bloodied Arcanite Reaper.

So I started levelling and asked a guild member who already has a level 80 Death Knight I asked him what his solo mob rotation was and I started using it I really enjoy it and it fits in pretty well with rune timers the following is the rotation Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Death Strike > Heart Strike to fill in the odd gaps during repeating this I cast Pestilence and Death Coil this had proved to be a fantastic rotation and if I can remember to keep Horn of Winter up it doesn't take much more than one rotation to kill a mob roughly my level.

So that's the main part of what has been going on with my Death Knight I continued to quest throughout last night and Today one thing I am happy with is the fact that I brought a Bone Gryphon and I enjoy flying around on this mount. Was doing a quest earlier to slay Void Walkers in Nagrand and I managed to by accident kill a rare mob and get the achievement Bloody Rare the mob I killed was VoidHunter Yar.

Dwarf Paladin

I have been wanting to get the following achievement this I begun playing World of Warcraft back in 2009 and this is the Champion Of The Frozen Wastes and the last part I had to do was Sartharion The Onyx Guardian this was pretty easy with the group I put together and we got the Nightfall title because we let the other three drakes live while killing Sartharion.

So to conclude this I got the Champion of the Frozen Wastes Title & the Of the Nightfall title
Sorry for no screen shots this week Im not able to access world of warcraft from this computer
Hope you liked the read


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