Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday's Update

Hello and welcome back to another update from Call for Adventure since my Tuesday update not a huge amount has happened but there have been some very interesting things going on.

So lets get down to business the first thing I want to mention is as of Wednesday I have started my second year of college so I have less time to play World of Warcraft but I will still make regular updates if not everyday every  other day there will be a new update.

Chaoshogo's Adventure
Chaoshogo's Armory
Operation: Gnomeregan has started this week as of Thursday after the weekly reset I decided when I first logged on last night this was the first thing that I wanted to do, I got the portal from Dalaran to Iron Forge and went to Tinker Town to grab the quest King Of Gnomes I had to go gather 5 gnomes that would help me start the assault, Following this I travelled to Dun Morogh and started the quest chain some of the quests are pretty weird like typing in commands like dance and salute but after this bit was done I went a lined up over at Gnomeregan and waited 5 Minutes for the battle to begin.

Overall I enjoyed this small bit of new content but I wish there was some more to do because it felt like it ended to quickly but overall it was good fun and I can't wait for Cataclysm to take Gnomeregan back for good.

Iamhogo's Adventure
Iamhogo's Armory
The adventure has been continuing with levelling and making some gold so that when I reach Notherend I can afford Tome of Cold Weather Flying and I remember levelling my paladin through Notherend it was horrible slow and now I will have 20+ Exp and flying at level 70 rather than level 77 which is going to be a huge improvement and make Borean Tundra a bit more enjoyable.

Currently levelling in Blade's Edge Mountains its actually quite a nice place to level and I hit level 69 as of this morning, I am now 2 bars into 69 and plan to hit 70 by the end of this evening.
hopefully then I can decide on what professions to get I have been considering dropping Mining from my Main Chaoshogo and Replacing this with Jewlcrafting the Mining that Iamhogo currently has will become my Ore Miner and Will remove skinning and I am thinking of giving him Blacksmithing this means by Cataclysm I will have Engineering, Blacksmithing, Jewlcrafting & Mining all at 450 points ready to get to the new profession skill cap.

That's all for today let me know what you think of Operation: Gnomeregan in the comments section below.

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