Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1 Raptor, 2 Raptor, 3 Raptor - 4!

Good afternoon everyone its been interesting since my Thursday update for a few reasons why they are because of the following.

Yesterday evening we decided to run a Guild run of Zul' Gurub we also brought along a new Guild member he had only been in the Guild for 5 hours back to running Zul' Gurub this is because we want to get the mounts that drop from the two bosses inside this raid instance, I also enjoy doing this for the reputation I gain and hopefully will have exalted for Cataclysm when it gets removed.
We got to the boss that drops the first mount Swift Razzashi Raptor we downed him no problems at all and cleared all the trash for some extra Reputation with Zalander Tribe, We went to grab the loot for sale to vendors and such and to our amusement the Swift Razzashi Raptor was sitting there at the top of the loot list.

Naturally we all immediately hit the /roll and the newest member of our guild won the Raptor I was really frustrated as its a 0.9% drop but fare is fare I guess he decided he didnt want it to he gave it to our guild leader, this was an exciting trip and unfortunatly we didn't get the Swift Zulian Tiger so it was unfortunate run but hey at least I have now seen the Raptor drop and hopefully it will be my turn soon.
As I Hearthstoned back to Dalaran I watched trade chat and found that someone was buying the Zul' Gurub Coins for 1 gold each and the blue's for 5g I had enough for 34g so I made some gold during that run.

As of today I have traded ownership of my Guild bank to Iamhogo because he is a high level I know I will be keeping him and I wanted to clear the level 1 alt from my character screen, I am going to organise what bank has what materials in and because I have two guild banks with three bank tabs each I have split things over two characters and will be using Iamhogo's guild bank to hold the following:

Saronite Ore - Saronite Bar
Cobalt Ore - Cobalt Bar
Adamantite Ore - Adamantite Bar
Fel Iron Ore - Fel Iron Bar

Gems (of all standard)
Frozen Orbs
Crusader Orbs

Recipes - Plans - Patterns

These are the main ores that I have recently been stacking and keeping stockpiles of because I was levelling this Death Knight and he has mining so naturally he picked up a ton of ores and I smelted them for levelling purposes.

This is a new character I am brining to the Blog and this is my level 10 Warlock he has Weapon, Shoulder & Chest heirlooms and he also has Tailoring and Enchanting.
He is the owner of my second new Guild bank and his guild bank will be containing the following materials and mats

Cloths - Netherweave, Frostweave, Mageweave, Silk Cloth
Leather - Light, Medium, Heavy, Rough, Knothide and the rest
Enchanting - All the enchanting mats I hold for later sale or from disenchanted items

I feel that setting my bank up this way will provide me with a new way store Items I need and should hopefully make life easier in the long run :)

Thanks for reading more soon


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