Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Reset New Week New Gear

So its that time again its past reset and as of now I have managed to do the weekly quest to slay Malygos This is probably the worst weekly for me its just not fun for me really but either way the group wiped,
Second try we completed it and I was off to Dalaran to hand in the quest and get my 5 Emblems of
Frost & Triumph This is a great addition and now I have 86 Frosts for some new gear by the time I've finished my weekly ICC 10 run.

 I'm thinking of getting a new head for so I'm 1 piece closer to the 4 set bonus hopefully in the 25 man ICC run I will get a token drop and be able to upgrade some of my armour.

I spent some time today reading Markco's JustMyTwoCopper blog as he has had a new carnival this month and its based on trying to turn 1000G into 2000G its a great read and I feel its going to help me start doubling my profit after my investments.

last but not least for this post, Finally after a 2 Month break one of our most active members of Dark Warriors Of Draenor Maeldrakon has returned and its great to have him back.
As he was back we decided to do our daily Heroic together and lucky for him the first Heroic of the day was Halls Of Reflections that's a horrible Heroic and he was tanking it for the first time in two months we wiped once and on the 2nd attempt cleared it with ease.

Well that's all for now will be posting some more in a few hours about my Tauren Shaman project.

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