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Chaoshogo's Chopper

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Project One - Horde Shaman Levels 1 - 10

Hey everyone as of last night my adventure begun the Draenor server was and still is down for 24hr maintenance for the upcoming expansion cataclysm so I logged onto Farcon and decided now was the time to start the levelling process. 
I have now reached level 10 and It was a tough road believe it for not its really different levelling an Alt without using the heirlooms I am so used to using the lack of Mana and Stats is quite noticeable after a while.
I started questing doing all the quests available in Mulgore the first few levels flew by but when I hit level five the levelling times started to increase quite a lot after killing some mobs for a quest I was really low on bag space due to saving all the vendor trash because I have no other way of making an income at that time so lucky a new 6 slot bag dropped and I was able to get some more vendor trash and make a few more copper.

Considering I have never levelled a Horde before the Tauren starting area and the area's that follow have some quests that take a long time because drop rates on certain mobs seem low so it took me a good hour to complete some quests that after a while become very boring but I finally completed them and have now moved on, I have just accepted my Shaman quest Call of Fire but rather than going and doing that right away I have moved on to ThunderBluff to try and get a few gold by using the auction house I did have some Wolf Meat but I have used this to level my Cooking and some Linen Cloth to level my First aid they are currently at the following skill levels

Cooking: 22
FirstAid: 29
Inscription: 0
Herbalism: 0

I have just this moment picked up my two primary professions and hope to have some levels on them shortly once I acquire some more silver / gold from the Auction House.
So far though I have managed to scrape enough Copper & Silver together to pay for all of my skills and I got my first Talent point today as I hit 10 I have put this into Enhancing Totems as this will aid my when soloing all these wolfs that roam Mulgore.

To sum everything up this is what I have:

Copper / Silver : 3S 3C
Items On the Auction House: Formula: Minor Wizzard Oil
Linen Bandage X2

Hopefully these will net my enough gold to flip some items and then have enough to open my own guild and guild bank.
Thanks for reading more updates will follow soon as I progress through the levels and the Aerie Peak Market.

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