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Chaoshogo's Chopper

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project One - Horde Shaman 1 - 80

Hey everyone
Welcome to my first project for this Blog, Project Shaman the plan is to level a Horde Tauren Shaman from level 1 - 80 I have never really levelled a Horde before I started my very first character when I got World of Warcraft 1 year ago as a Horde but I just loved the Dwarf Race so much.

So here we are the basic information about my shaman are as follow

Realm: Aerie Peak
Faction: Horde
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Name: Farcon

This project is on a new server so none of my other characters can help out, That means no Heirlooms, No gold, No boosting from friends this will be all my own effort.
As I level I plan to make a decent amount of gold enough to cover all the basic requirements to level quicker and some nice little expensive items such as Dual Talent Specialization, Expert flying riding & the flying mount required to use the skill.

Professions will be

First Aid

Addons I will be using are as follow

XPearl Unit Frames
Ice Hud

I also plan to develop and maintain my own guild on this server for social and levelling purposes.
and this can also be a good way to inspire me to develop a good means of gold making to support the guild.

Well that's everything for now, I am off to start my new life as Farcon The Tauren Shaman :)
Wish me Luck


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