Chaoshogo's Chopper

Chaoshogo's Chopper

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its Almost Been An Entire Week

Hey everyone and welcome back to another update on call for adventure.
this week in the World Of Warcraft I have been quite busy recently with little things and I hope they have all added up and made me some gold and reputation I have been aiming for so lets get started.

This week I have been doing things on multiple characters and I have been doing some expensive tasks on Chaoshogo & Iamhogo and have been doing some levelling on both Iamhogo and Feyder here's a list of the main things I have done.

  • Levelled Blacksmithing on Iamhogo 440
  • Levelled Mining on Iamhogo 427
  • Dropped Mining on Chaoshogo
  • Picked up Jewl Crafting on Chaoshogo 450
  • Feyder (Shaman) has had some levelling
  • Iamhogo has also had some levelling attention
  • Soulshaper Disenchanting

This week with Chaoshogo has been busy because I have dropped mining as of last night and I picked up Jewl Crafting I stayed up late last night levelling this profession I finished for the evening going from 1 - 300, I
re-logged this morning and finished off the levelling from 300 - 450
This cost me a good chunk of my gold stash which wasn't very high due to a few factors that have caused me to spend great amount, I would say I spent around 3000g Levelling JC because I had a lot of the gems stashed in my in my bank for this exact reason.

So I accepted the two JC quests I could one was to hand in a Gem and that got me one JC token and the other was to kill a scourge pick up an item and combine it with two other gems, I now have two tokens but recipes cost 4 each so another two days to go.
The reason for levelling JC now was one because I have a feeling people will be power levelling this and the materials will be massively expensive so I feel I have an advantage here and the second reason is because I feel it it will be useful when I hit 85 and when I can max it out and use extra strength gems.

I have decided to start saving my frost emblems and triumph emblems for the justice point transition and I have been hoping to get the dam Brewfest Ram or Brewfest Kodo unfortunately I have yet to get one and I don't think I will get it this year.
The Final thing for Chaoshogo this week is I joined a new guild Draenor Knights there a night bunch of people and I have done some ICC pugging with a few of them it worked out well and I hope to raid with them more often on a regular basis.

So I get Mining up to level 427 and its slow picking up nodes without 280% flying but I can't yet justify a 5000G investment, I have been levelling Iamhogo recently some more I am now level 74 and will be spending some more time levelling him hopefully level 80 before Cataclysm hits the shelves.
With blacksmithing now level 440 I need to get some people who want Titensteel pieces I'm not sure because these pieces cost a  lot to make and are not selling well due to the fact they will be replaced in Cataclysm.

I am currently having a really bad time with bad space on this guy even though he has 3 guild tabs, a bank full of frostweave bag slots and full bags I still don't have enough space for all the greens I have created for Blacksmithing and JC this also includes all the greens I get from levelling Feyder Iamhogo and Heroics with Chaoshogo.

I have friends with enchanting but I don't want to waste there time with hundreds of greens that need disenchanting and I feel vendoring them will be a waste of materials I can post on the Auction house.
I need to level Soulshaper to level 20 so I can get enchanting from 150 - 225 and I can cut down some of them low greens I have in my banks, If I can just get to level 15 I can easily get to 20 through the dungeon finder

Auction House
This week with the auction house I tried to sell some vendor pets from outland and they took ages to sell and I don't really feel that this is a worth while trip to get new pets to sell when they take so long to sell.

Since I levelled JC and Blacksmithing I have tried throwing on every possible item to see what sells well and things are just selling stupidly slow and its frustrating when you have invested heavily and the things you made to level feel worthless.

Well thats all for day, I will be sure to keep the updates coming and sorry about the 6 day no posts I will rectify this.

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