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Chaoshogo's Chopper

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Week In The World Of Warcraft

Welcome back to another update on Chaoshogo's Call For Adventure.
First things first, Sorry for the lack of updates I come down with a bit of the Flu recently which I had to miss college and I needed more sleep than usual thus I didn't get to play a huge amount for Thursday and Friday day and evening.

Now that's out the way, This Week in the World of Warcraft:

Since the reset I decided that I wanted to get some emblems saved up because of the recent announcement for the new currency changes that will be coming for the release of Cataclysm here is the source of the information WoW EU Source so because of this I have this week been doing my Daily Heroic every day I have also been participating in The weekly Raid and ICC 10 as of this moment (ICC25 I have still not done this week).

A New Guild, A New Start

As of Friday evening I had left the guild I had been in for around 9 months I decided I want to be in a guild that had started raiding and lucky I found Knights of Draenor a Social & levelling guild that has just started progression in ICC10 and they are working to create a 25 man team, I was warmly welcomed and have a feeling this will be my new home and will enjoy levelling the Guild system with my new friends.

I started yesterday a feat which I hope wont take up a lot of my time and this is to get exalted with the
Cenarion Circle & the Cenarion Experdition this is because I want the title The Guardian Of Cenarius this shouldn't take to much time and the other two factions I am working to gain reputation with is the Kalu'ak because of the EPIC Fishing pole it provides and the Ashen Verdict for the Exalted ring I can get.

Levelling this week has been a little slow Iamhogo my Death Knight how now reached level 73 but I have been spending time and money levelling his Blacksmithing which is now 400 Skill points so I am happy that its advancing quickly.
I put a an hour or so into my shaman as she is now almost level 41 I Purchased Dual Spec and am now a restoration Spec with Enhance spec, up until this point I have been levelling in Elemental and I found it a little dull so I will try some more healing and try a new enhancement spec.

As of now I don't have any screen shots but I will grab some tonight and post them up later this evening.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have fun.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog check back soon for more updates

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